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Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

Assign a different color to each day of Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, and ask your employees to wear clothes that follow this color code. Daily, hold a prize drawing for the people who are dressed in the right color. Have the prizes match each day’s color. For example, choose red for Monday and give away “We Build The Future One Child At A Time” Red Multi Pocket Tote Bags. Pick blue for Tuesday and give away Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Carabiner.

Appreciation luncheon

Add elegance to your appreciation luncheon. Hire a professional pianist to play for the event. Put a “We Build The Future One Child At A Time” Flashlight, Key Ring & Pen Gift Set at each place setting. Set out a vase of roses from which everyone can choose a blossom. Then serve your teachers and staff sparkling cider and cheese as they mingle at the start of the luncheon.
Arrange a special outing for your teachers and staff. Plan it for either after school or in the evening. Consider taking them bowling or to a baseball game. Use a school bus to transport everyone so people can socialize on the way there. At the event, distribute We Build The Future One Child At A Time Cell Phone Pouch/Wallet as their gift.

Everyone is paying attention

Use a “What do you see?” contest to test how much everyone is paying attention to details.
Take close-up photos of various objects around your school and post them on a bulletin board.
Have your teachers and staff members write down what they think the objects are. Award “We Build The Future One Child At A Time” Desktop Caddy to the people with the most correct answers.

Teachers grow real bouquets

Create “hand bouquets” for your appreciation luncheon. Have students each trace one of their hands on construction paper and write their names on them. Cut out the hands and staple each one to a green pipe cleaner. Fill vases with them and use as centerpieces. Help your teachers grow real bouquets by presenting them with “Thanks For Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge” Plant-AShape Bookmarks.

Tasteful jokes and funny work-related stories

Begin each day of Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week with a little humor. Research teaching jokes on the Internet, and distribute one to your teachers every morning. Encourage them to share their own tasteful jokes and funny work-related stories. Offer a gift to those who do, such as a “Thanks For Helping Our School Gel” Pen.

Reward a teacher or staff member

Choose a character trait to focus on each day of Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week. For
example, on Monday seek out cheerfulness, on Tuesday be on the lookout for commitment to excellence, and so forth. Don’t announce what you’ve chosen ahead of time. Use the items from the Mailbox Gift-A-Day Pack to reward a teacher or staff member at the end of each day for showing the daily character trait.